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CBT2 of Mu Legend Might Come in Early 2017

MU legend has announced on its Facebook page that CBT2 of Mu Legend might come in early 2017, because they need to work with the developers, and a period without access to the game will allow the developers to work backstage. In other words, if you missed the CBT1 which ended last week, you'll have a good wait from now on.

Good news is that mu legend zen players who have access to the 1st closed beta will automatically have access to the 2nd closed beta. No new key or preregistration is needed. What about players who missed the CBT1? The team said it is still possible to pre-register for the next CBT phase.

Another piece of good news is that Mu Legend shows up at G-STAR 2016. It is playable at Webzen’s booth. Webzen has released a trailer for it. Some said that Mu Legend is the Korean version of Diablo 3. What do you think? For more MU 2 game news by playerhot now.